The Sovereign
The air we breathe and the soil we seed was given to us to share. A sovereign soul lives in the highest dimension of life by kind, considerate, respectful, and life nourishing behavior. The supreme power within is free and boundless and far-reaching for the good of all humanity.

What is the Sovereign Way?

The idea of sovereignty has been seeded amongst the population who have a moment to contemplate its meaning. The notion of being liberated from something you are entangled with that is a fiction and who is actually manning the helm of your so to speak ship is arguably one of the most engaging subjects one could entertain. From law governing the affairs of conduct in all engagements including the docking of your vessel upon foreign shores to corporate entities being an entity under the auspices of its own volition, sovereignty has been the poignient decider in all aspects of life.

Sovereign Way Trailer

Landon Andrews

Landon Andrews is a consciousness investigator who spent five solid years studying spiritual information and soul growth ideology from a dingy cell in an criminal institution. This intense, and carefully crafted trilogy, represents his revenge on a system that is deeply flawed and corrupt. While struggling behind bars to understand how the layers of the law affect every day life, Landon reveals his personal battle with the dark and demonic side of reality. He explores the transcendent wisdom handed down through the ages from some of the most powerful and influential sources in our history, ie. the Urantia Book, Bhavagada Gita, the Bible, Thinking and Destiny (Percival) and many more.

        In "The Sovereign" he explores the forces of good and evil that directly impact our world today. The Sovereign is based on personal experiences with UFO's and incorporates dreams gifted to him from the imaginal realms. It is a wild ride through time and space confronting the very depths of our own humanity. Landon is currently launching his "Sovereignty Soul Growth" classes and is planning a worldwide online book tour.


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